A refreshing escape to the valleys of Dharamshala

A refreshing escape to the valleys of Dharamshala

If you get a chance to escape somewhere away from the hustle bustle of this world, just for a few days in an immense peace, then where would you like to go? Get in touch for a comfortable stay in the Aaroham Resorts i.e. the Best Resorts Near Dharamshala

If the same question were asked to me then my answer would be Dharamshala, a fascinating and mesmerising place that can throw your hurt in heaven in a second. 

I mean how could anyone resist having a trip to Dharamshala? Mujhe koi mauka de main to vapas hi na aau vaha se! 

 Now if you are wondering what actually this place is, where people are so mad to visit? 

So let me introduce Dharamshala and its best places. 

Dharamshala, at an average altitude of 1,475 meters above sea level, lies on the scenic stretch of land of Kangra Valley. It is popular as Dharamshala is the holy residence of monk Dalai Lama. 

Apart from its beauty and historical facts Dharamshala also has its best resort named as Aaroham Resorts, known as one of the Best Resorts Near Dharamshala. Aaroham Resorts is well known for its comfortable and luxurious stay. 

Moving forward let me make you fall for Dharamshala by introducing from it’s best places 

Kareri Dal Lake : Best Resorts Near Dharamshala

Kareri Lake, located about 9 kilometres northwest of Dharamshala town is so beautiful that one can’t ignore its beauty anyhow. This lake is surrounded by oak forest and coverlets of cedar. Kareri Lake is watered by the snow coming from melted snow of Dhauladhar range and glaciers. 

Kangra Fort 

 Kangra Fort, most renowned place of attraction of Dharamshala, located at the frontier of Kangra town. The Kangra Fort is spread over 4 km and is guarded by high walls and ramparts. There are three temples inside the fort named as the Shitlamata Temple, Lakshmi arayan Temple and Ambika Devi Temple. These temple dedicated to Jaina Tirthankaras. 

Kalachakra Temple

Kalachakra Temple, situated on West side of the Tsuglagkhang Temple is a opular Tibetan temple which was built in 1992. This temple is used as a centre of public teaching by Dalai Lama himself. Kalachakra Temple is too stunning temple which consist Tibet’s rich ethnicity and artistic prowess.


I hope now you got to know why I have an immense love for Dharamshala and it’s rich heritage. After reading all above you now you can’t resist of having a trip once to Dharamshala. Also Aaroham Resorts, consider to be one of the Best Luxury Resorts at Dharamshala cannot be forgotten so easily. As it is the most beautiful part of Dharamshala which is also well known for it’s hospitality and good service. 

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