Enjoy holiday in Shimla

Best Ways to enjoy holidays in Shimla

Many people say that their best memories are formed during holidays or corporate event venues.We all want to travel somewhere better and enjoy the cheerful vibes of resorts in Shimla and other hill stations. Shimla is one of the best places to enjoy holidays.

As a prominent hill resort, Shimla, the state capital of Himachal Pradesh, is on the bucket list of many visitors, thanks to its easy accessibility, well-developed infrastructure, appealing tourist attractions, and pleasant environment.

Apparently, Shimla offers all of the qualities necessary for a hassle-free vacation in India, making it an excellent choice especially at places like Aaroham Resort.

If you’re planning a holiday in Shimla, here are the best ways to enjoy holidays in Shimla.

Enjoy the Toy Train Experience near best resorts in Shimla

One of the must-do activities when visiting Shimla is taking a toy train journey from Kalka to Shimla.

While passing through tunnels and across the mountains, the toy train makes a sound like it belongs in a fairy tale.

As the train travels through picturesque towns like Barog, Solan, and Dharampur, it provides breathtaking vistas that complement any holiday.

Best Resorts near Shimla are the nearest to the toy trains.

Take a trip to the Gaiety Theater

Shimla’s colonial architecture is a big part of what draws visitors here. Gaiety Theater is one of the outstanding examples of Shimla’s many architectural gems.

This theater, built in 1877, has been a symbol of outstanding British architecture ever since.

This complex, which includes a City Museum, an amphitheater, a multifunctional theater, and a conference center, has plenty to offer the whole family.

A tour with a knowledgeable guide and the opportunity to see the city from the Viceroy’s Box are highly recommended. Almost the best resorts to stay in Shimla are located at the closest to gaiety theater. For example, Aaroham Resort to Gaiety Theater is a very short distance. 

Stay at a Luxury Resort Shimla & Do shopping at Lakkar Bazaar

As the name implies, Shimla’s Lakkar Bazaar is home to a thriving market for wood products.

Lakkar Bazaar is a great spot to take the whole family for a day of shopping, thanks to its wide selection of wood goods, including walking sticks and ornamental objects.

When it comes to souvenirs, you may pick up anything from a simple key chain to a large piece of wall art. A stay at a Luxury Resort Shimla and shopping at lakkar bazaar helps you rejuvenate easily.

Yak Ride & Comfort of Luxury Cottages in Shimla

Kufri, a 16-mile drive from Shimla, offers an innately exhilarating setting. In addition to its beautiful scenery and breathtaking vistas, the area is famed for its yak rides. 

Furthermore, In the gorgeous Kufri, take a ride on one of the world’s oldest modes of transportation. Thus, enjoy the convenience in kufri especially similar to luxury cottages in Shimla.

Participate in fair in Shimla

Any region’s culture and heritage is enhanced through fairs, and this holds true for Shimla. 

As a result, there are several various fairs taking place throughout the city. Hence, they are an excellent way to enrich the pleasure of your vacation.

Each year, tourists may enjoy events such as:

  • The Lavi Fair,
  • Summer Festival,
  • Mahasu Jattar,
  • Rohru Fair,
  • Pathar-Ka-Khel,
  • Halog, Winter Sports Festival, Sipi Fair, and Bharara Fair.

Because each fair has a purpose or a custom associated with it, attending one can really be advantageous. It expands one’s knowledge and aids in the understanding of a whole new culture.

However, make sure to know and book the best resorts in Shimla (Aaroham Resort) in advance if you want to participate in the fair.

Visit to the Shimla Ridge and book online resorts in Shimla

Next, visit The Ridge, Shimla’s cultural epicenter, which should definitely be on your must-see list while in town.

If you’re searching for a relaxing cup of coffee , The Ridge is the place to go.

Also, it leads to Scandal Point and Lakkar Bazaar, both of which are known for their woodwork. Events like the Summer Festival and other festivals turn The Ridge into a city hub.

Lastly, You can also find plenty of good resorts in shimla near shimla ridge and boost your travel experience.

Important tips to keep in mind while traveling to Shimla

  • Firstly, You must try to book good resorts in Shimla online and in advance.
  • Take all prescribed and over-the-counter medications with you.
  • Do not consume raw or chopped fruits from the outside.
  • Take care of your belongings and be wary of too pleasant folks. There is a chance that they will help you out in the most adorable way, just to disappear with your luggage.
  • If you become unwell, please see your local doctor or hospital to be examined. Be wary about getting sick in a new location.
  • Be sure to have extra copies of all of your identification documents, including your passport. Make sure you keep a supply on hand at all times.


In conclusion, the above -mentioned are some of the best ways to enjoy holidays in shimla. If you want to know more or book the best resorts in Shimla, please feel free to contact us.

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