Mcleodganj The land of Mystical Valleys and Snow Clad Mountains

Mcleodganj: The land of Mystical Valleys and Snow-Clad Mountains

How often do we dream of planning a getaway in the Mountains while working relentlessly in the hustle-bustle of cities. Time never seems to stop here and peace is a luxury for most people. We’re here to introduce you to the beauty of McLeodganj, also known as Dharamshala. If you’re looking for a holiday that entices your eyes with alluring valleys and snow-capped mountains, McLeodganj is the cream of the crop! Searching the Best Places to Stay in Dharamshala? The Royal Woods by Aaroham Resorts is the best pick for you. Get the best of services, savour your holiday, and feel at home! 

McLeodganj rests in the Northern Gem of India- Himachal Pradesh. Its Tibetan influence stems from the large number of Tibetans that settled here around the 1960s. Home to the 14th Dalai Lama, this place will surely awaken the spiritual side of you. One can witness the essence of Buddhism through its festivals as well as observing the lifestyle of Monks. McLeodganj is a suburb of Dharamshala, located in Himachal’s Kangra District. 

The Dhauladhar Range, Minkiani Pass, and Triund Trek present a sight to behold. Their contrast with snow and lakes lays down the perfect treat for one’s eyes. The high peaks are a perfect location for trekking and revelling in the beauty of these snow-capped mountains. On the other hand, the lakesides turn out to be the best spots for camping while enjoying the scenery of flowing water. 

If you yearn to dive deep into the spiritual side of McLeodganj, make it a point to visit the Bhagsunag Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. A mystical waterfall flows through it, popular among tourists for its serene vibes. 

Trees of Oak, Deodar, and Rhododendron can be seen almost everywhere. The amalgamation of nature and a familiar suburban vibe gives you an unmatched feeling. The landscapes won’t bore you for a nanosecond. McLeodganj has a distinct aura, its terrains and its variety will amaze you to no bounds. The valleys, lakes, peaks, roads, and settlements have a character of their own. Each moment at McLeodganj is different from another and it all piles up into a beautiful album subconsciously.  

The Dharamkot mountain view offers you a picturesque view of the Kangra Valley as well as Dhauladhar Range. McLeodganj has an abundance of corners that serve as the perfect spots for sightseeing. You’re not only spoilt for choices here but unknown and undiscovered places begin to catch your eye. The War Memorial, St. John’s Church, and Kora Circuit are popular among tourists who like quieter places.

In order to experience the magical aura of the nights here, do indulge in stargazing while you camp. Yoga sessions and spa therapies are a must if you yearn to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. The Namgyal Monastery and Nechung Monastery let you absorb the purity of this place. If you want to have a closer look at McLeodganj’s Tibetan Culture, visit its Tibetan Museum or Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts. 

The vibrant markets of McLeodganj will captivate you to no end. The local handicrafts and textiles make for the best souvenirs that you’ll gaze with wishful eyes once you’re surrounded by city life again. Its local food should be on your checklist if you’re planning to engulf each bit of Dharamshala’s local culture. No matter what part of McLeodganj you wish to explore, the experience will surely stay with you for a lifetime . 

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