Top insanely beautiful Cafes in Nainital 

Top insanely beautiful Cafes in Nainital 

Pyaar to hai par baat kaise karu? 

Shopping le jau? Nahi nahi kangaal kardegi. 

Movie lejau? Yaar waha toh sab jaate hain?

Cafe kaisa rahega?

You must have seen a number of love stories carved on the walls of the cafe? It is one of the best places to fall in love with someone. And when the cafe is in a beautiful and charming place like Nainital, then even haters of love will find themselves compelled to search for love.

After that, you can sink in the beauty of the Kumaun region more by spending a few days. Introducing you to one of the best resorts in Bhimtal ie. Aaroham Resort is well known for its hospitality and service providers. Moving forward, why don’t we have a look at the most beautiful cafes in Nainital? 

Simz Cafe

Simz Cafe is a pride of Nainital, situated near Naini lake in Tallital. Sitting with a magnificent view of pahad with a soothing sound in the background, Simz provides you with books to read with your order. 

It is a romantic couple’s place with cute interiors and some handwritten notes on the walls. It can’t be missed as it’s the only one on that side of the road, away from the hustle-bustle of the mall road. 

Cafe lakeside

Cafe lakeside is known for its amazing ambiance, exhilarating decor, good seating, great food, good staff, and Live music. With the mesmerizing view and top-notch services, Cafe lakeside is situated on the mall road of Nainital. Their hot chocolate is the best to fight the cold weather of Nainital. 

iHeart Cafe Himalayas

iHeart Cafe opened  on Feb 27, 2016. Great place to have a cup of coffee. iHeart provides you coffee of a good quality that is served in cups you can hold. This Cafe has an inviting atmosphere, that’s why no one could resist stepping inside it. 

Baker’s Hunt 

Situated near the High court. Baker’s Hunt is a cute bakery at the pavilion hotel. Their fondant cake is quite famous in Nainital. They provide cuisines like Chinese, and Indian to their customers. They are well known for their hospitality too. 

Cafe Coffee Day

Cafe Coffee Day is situated at mall road, Nainital. This cafe has a cool vibe. The aroma and taste of this Cafe are superb and make you feel relaxed and comfortable. It’s worth coming to the CCD because of the perfectly cooked brownies and cookies. 


So, grab your partner’s hand, and let’s move on to the best Cafe in Nainital. Give a little time to Nainital from your busy schedule so that after your retirement instead of saying ki Waqt hi to hai guzar jayega you could have that thinking ka waqt hai Bhai aise Kaise guzaar denge. Live your life to the fullest. And also don’t forget to visit Aaroham resort, one of the best luxury cottages in Bhimtal

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