Holi Festival Dalhousie

Unique Ways to Celebrate Holi Festival Dalhousie 2022

Holi- a special festival and holiday for all of us. It’s no wonder that you have enjoyed many Holi. However, this Holi should be and is definitely special. After two years of lockdown, the time to unlock has finally come. This time you must get ready for Holi Festival Dalhousie. Wondering why choose a Luxury Resort in Dalhousie and enjoy Holi festival Dalhousie? 

Well, there are several unique reasons. Be it taking a break from city life or wanting to spend some quality time with family. There are multiple unique ways to Celebrate Holi 2022. 

In this article, you will get to know about the Unique Ways to Celebrate Holi 2022.

Take a Break From City Hassle

You must have experienced burnout. You know it’s tiring and you need to take a break. But due to one reason or another, you might not be taking the first step. However, this Holi you can change your life. 

You can take a break from city hassle, your daily tedious work, and the stress you daily feel. All you have to do is book Aaroham resorts at Dalhousie. Such a luxury resort in Dalhousie can provide comfort, warmth, and relaxation that your heart desires for a long time.

After all, everyone deserves warm hospitality, a great welcome, and positive vibes in the lap of nature. Therefore, Holi Festival Dalhousie should be spent for this only. 

Have a Picnic at Mini Switzerland of India

Khajjar near Dalhousie is referred to as “Mini Switzerland of India” because of its likeness to the Swiss Alps. 

It is a paradise for environment lovers like you, with lush green meadows, deep deodar forests, and breathtaking vistas of the snow-covered Kailash. 

Chamba, Dalhousie, and Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary hikes all begin here, making it the “Gulmarg of Himachal.”

Khajjiar is located 95 kilometers from Pathankot Railway Station and 130 kilometers from the Gaggal Airport in Kangra, the district capital of Himachal Pradesh. 

There is a temple devoted to a snake deity called Khajji Naga in Khajjiar, from whence the town’s name is derived.

Go for Hiking at Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

Kalatop is one of Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh’s most pristine destinations, famed for its lush green surrounds and snow-capped Himalayan peaks. 

If you want to start your hiking journey or already have hiked somewhere else, this place is best in both cases. 

The Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, in Himachal Pradesh’s Khajjiar-Dalhousie region, is one of the state’s most well-known and visited wildlife preserves. Deodar trees occupy 30.69 square kilometers of the park’s land. 

Hence, Imagine hiking in such a beautiful place then taking a rest at Aaroham Resorts in Dalhousie and enjoying a peaceful sleep. 

This surely will rejuvenate you and your holi festival can become memorable for a lifetime.

Meditate at Chamunda Devi Temple

On the banks of the magnificent Baner River, the Chamunda Devi Temple exudes an awe-inspiring grandeur that is difficult to put into words. 

It is widely regarded as one of the region’s most important temples, and it is also thought to be 750 years old. 

Goddess Kali, the violent avatar of Goddess Durga Devi, is the focus of Chamunda Devi Temple. In Dalhousie, this temple stands out as one of the most unusual and must-see attractions.

So, you can not even imagine the thrill and peace felt at the same time while meditating at Chamunda Devi Temple. 

Enjoy a Bike Ride at Garam Sadak

Garam Sadak is one of Dalhousie’s most attractive spots, although it becomes quite hot in the afternoon since it is exposed to the sun’s rays. 

Visitors to the Garam Sadak may enjoy a lovely and warm climate while strolling along the route. It’s surrounded by lovely trees and is particularly lovely at night. So, you can enjoy a bike ride here but don’t forget to bring your camera too. This place allows you to capture the most remarkable beauty of Dalhousie in your frame. 

Final Verdict

Nothing’s better than bringing yourself or your family to a place where you all feel rejuvenated. Moreover, Holi Festival Dalhousie is special because there are special events organized all around the city. You can have fun with the locals to and get to experience a new adventure.

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